Evening cocktails and Big Lives’ Summer 2018 collection
272 Jefferson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Thursday July 12, 2018 7-9 PM

Big Lives: Jefferson

Big Lives Jefferson featured an evening cocktail party showcasing new designers from Big Lives' summer collection alongside home decor by Anthropologie. The event was set against the remarkable backdrop of 272 Jefferson Avenue, a classic 1889 Stuyvesant Heights brownstone skillfully restored by Dixon Projects. This one-night-only retail experience was born from our collaboration with two innovative leaders in home styling and home renovation.

272 Jefferson Avenue

This breathtaking Brooklyn home reflects the storied history of the neighborhood having undergone transformations and reimagined uses in the 130 years since its construction. Originally intended as a stately brownstone, it stayed as a single-family home for decades before it was sold to Anna Cooper at the beginning of World War II, who used the house as a funeral parlor. Returned to residential use in the second half of the 20th century, the home was eventually sold to the state of New York, where it operated as an alternative home to a juvenile prison. Dixon Projects has returned the home to its original use, taking great care to salvage details throughout.